Thermowood is a thermal modification procedure that preserves wood in its most natural and flawless state for a life-long journey.

The first heat treated wood was produced in the 1930s by German Scientists Stamm and Hansen and in the 1940s by American scientist White. Research was continued in the 1950s by Bavendam, Runkel and Buro. In the early 90s VTT (Technical Research Center of Finland) further refined the research into heat treatment, and developed Thermowood method.

“Thermowood method” involves heating wood material to temperatures up to 180C and preserving it with steam. Besides the preservation, Thermowood process also causes certain chemical changes in wood.

The colour of the Thermowood changes due to caramelization of glucose inside the wood, while its stability, decay resistance and insulation increase. Bending and swelling characteristics of the material are also greatly decreased.

Thermowood method, brand and logo can only by the used by members of the International Thermowood Association. 


Finotrol is an established and professional organization with decades of experience in inspection and certification. They specialize in construction products and ensuring quality standards by performing test Finotrol regulates outlined standards such as strength and type, just to name a couple.

TMT Certification

As certified through the tests performed by the Germany accredited independent EPH institution, Thermowood Ash products have achieved previously unattainable levels of durability.

All TMT certified products are required to meet CEN/TS 15083-1:2005 standards, which involve testing product durability against growth of Coniophord puteana and Coriolus versicolor species of fungi caused by contact with soil in outdoor conditions specified in EN 385-1 and EN 350 standards.

These tests were conducted against criteria primarily including dimensional stability, ADE, balance humidity content, relative humidity flexibility module, relative dimensional change and resistance to the harmful effects of fungi.

While a 5% loss of mass is acceptable at the end of the test, the loss of mass for Novawood products was realized as 0.8%, delivering one of the most exceptional results achieved in the resistance tests so far.

As Novawood we now target ensuring all of our products are certified the same way. – WWW.NOVAWOOD.COM

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