Quality Hardwood Lumber

You Want the red Ends!

  • On grade

  • Accurate measure

  • Exceptional manufacturing

Our export prepared lumber is painted with red ends, and recognized as a high quality production by those who have ordered our stock. Our experienced graders are well trained in the rules of the NHLA for Hardwood lumber, and their focus is always to grade for the buyer, not the seller. We may pay their salaries, but they work for you.

Ripped to Width, Cut to Length, Surfaced to Your Specifications

We also have the capability of Straight Line ripping and surfacing the lumber to your needs. Here you see some ripped hard maple. White through and through.


  • Our own trucks can guarantee swift delivery to our immediate area.

  • We are also comfortable with exporting lumber with over ten years experience, and 250 containers shipped per year.

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