Sustainable Forestry

Sustainable Foresty

We take great pride in harvesting timber from private lands governed by municipal bylaws and provincial laws of the government of Ontario. The government has strict forestry laws in place which forbid clearcutting, and requiring a basal count to insure the sustainability of a mixed age, mixed species hardwood forest.
The result of these laws are healthy and productive forests.The need for certification has not yet taken place in our area due to the fact that the above mentioned strict guidelines promoting sustainable forestry have been in place for decades.We take pride in leaving the woodlots we cut in good health once the selective cut is complete. This is a picture of a forested area taken right after we selectively cut it. The forest is healthy, and sufficiently thinned out to allow optimal regeneration.Where we harvest 98% of our timber, the guidelines that we must follow would meet or exceed any guidelines, due to the above mentioned facts., yet due to these strict guidelines, the health of southern Ontario forests is above average, and mass certification of the forests has not been a priority of our Government.In the future, the certification of the forest lies in the hands of our government. Yet, you can be assured that our forestry practices will promote the health of our local forests for years to come.

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